What Happened

By Drew Projansky

Around the middle of May in 2009, Katie started to have horrible leg pain. The pain was so severe that she was almost not able to walk and she could not sleep. The pain was in her calves and her thighs. She went to our Doctor on May 9th and saw a Physicians Assistant who sent her home and told her to take 2 Ibuprofen 4X/day. She received no relief from the pain.

Exactly 1 week later on May 16th Katie and I went back to the Doctor and after talking with the Doctor, we were told that she was either experiencing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome or a Vitamin B12 deficiency. We also found out that day that Katie was pregnant. Some other things happened for the next few weeks with the pregnancy that took her mind off of the pain that she was feeling. I am not sure if the pain was gone or if because we may have had a miscarriage that Katie's mind blocked the pain out. We found out on Thursday June 4th that we did not lose the pregnancy.

Either that night or the next night Friday June 5th, the pain returned just as strong as it originally was. On Sunday June 7th Katie's was taking a shower when the PE hit her lungs. From the time she cried out in pain until the ambulance took her to the ER where she was pronounced dead by the ER Doctor was just a little over an hour. There is a lot more description that I could go into of what happened those 4 weeks and also the day of her death. Many of those things are private between Katie and I. However, this should give you the general idea.