Never Too Young

By Yvonne Beres

My beautiful daughter Kenzie passed away on May 3, 2004 of a bilateral pulmonary embolism. She was 14 years old, only 40 days away from 15. She was counting the days until she could get her permit. Kenzie had been a cheerleader since she was 9 years old. She just had cheerleading tryouts and she was chosen to be captain of her squad. She was so excited to be entering her sophmore year as the captain.

That was in March that year and no one knew that in two months she would be gone. A week and a half before she died she started to hurt on her right rib cage area. She also had an annoying cough that caused her ribcage to hurt each time she coughed. Kenzie became very listless and slept alot. She was also very short of breath all the time. She went from a vibrant energetic cheerleader to gone from our lives in a week and a half.

I took her to the doctor twice and the ER in that last week, but because of her age they did not think it could be an embolism. That is what they said after her death. The night she passed away she sat up in the lounge chair and said "Oh God it hurts mommy", then she stood up hugged me and dropped to the floor. The awarenss must get out so that people know this can happen to anyone regardless of age. Since Kenzie's death 3 other children in this area have been saved because the ER doctors checked for PE. Two of these children were 16 years old girls. One was a high school boy. The awareness that teens can have a DVT and PE has to get out beyond this town.

Kenzie was very smart and quick witted. Her smile could light up a room. She was an honor student receiving the Presidential Academic Achievement Award and also the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. She was so full of life and then she was gone. I have started a scholarship in her memory at her high school. It benefits a senior cheerleader pursuing a high education. Each year when one of Kenzie's brothers or sister give the speech to give her scholarship away they mention DVT awareness to the high school students. There has to be more ways to get the awareness out there about teens with this fatal disease. Please help if you can.