Support DVT Treatment, DVT Prevention, and DVT Awarness.

With your help, we can give hope and support life. DVT treatment and prevention can reduce the number of DVT associated deaths each year. By supporting our mission for DVT/PE prevention and awareness, you can help keep families together and keep hope alive.

Interested in helping? Here are some ways you can support DVT treatment and prevention:

  • Donate—time, money, useful items, etc.
  • Volunteer—join Katie’s Voice to help spread awareness of DVT/PE risks.
  • Participate in DVT related events—get involved with our important events.
  • Share your story—Katie’s Voice is making a difference, and your voice can help prevent DVT/PE tragedies, too.
  • If you’re interested in ways to help Katie’s Voice and engage in hope, please Contact Us.

Compel the change; share your DVT story.