Our Mission?
Promote Early Discovery & Prevention of  DVT/PE.

To ensure the earliest identification and diagnosis during pregnancy of women who have a blood clot with the goal of preventing the loss of a mother and/or her unborn baby

Our Vision?
Increase DVT/PE Awareness.

Katie's Voice envisions a time when no woman will die from a pregnancy related thromboembolic event.
Engage In Hope and Stop DVT


DVT is a condition that can potentially affect anyone; however, knowing DVT symptoms and signs for early prevention can prevent fatal blood clots (PE) and make successful treatment possible.

The main cause of DVT is due to immobility and restricted blood circulation after a prolonged period of time. Slow blood circulation lets blood clots form, and these blood clots can break free and enter the lungs.

Hereditary and medical factors can also increase the potential for DVT. It’s important to know your family health history, as inherited blood clotting conditions can greatly increase the risk of DVT, especially during pregnancy.

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